About Be Great Training

BE GREAT Training is a highly innovative webinar training business built on the principle that learning, growth and improvement is an exciting adventure of discovery that never ends. The central ethos behind every BE GREAT Webinar is people learn and develop the most when they are engaged.

The unique insights and training approach delivered by BE GREAT Webinars are based on the foundations of psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP and research into Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Business is very much about people and relationships, Hiten teaches how leaders can really harness both in a powerful way.


About Hiten Bhatt

Hiten Bhatt is the founder of BE GREAT Training, an engaging International Speaker and Author of The Leadership Adventure.  As a Trainer and Coach, Hiten has helped business leaders, individuals and young people from diverse walks of life and many parts of the world improve their mental wellbeing, leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

Hiten’s webinars, training and coaching focuses on individual’s developing a growth mindset to overcome the challenges they face by being open to learning and taking consistent action. Hiten has spent over 20 dedicated years in the field of personal development and is able to draw upon a wide range of both Eastern and Western disciplines to help people be the greatest version of themselves.


About The Book
Hiten’s Award-Winning unique book contains five powerful leadership secrets that will transform, your business, your team and your life. Get ready for an adventure of self-discovery. The Leadership Adventure teaches anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position how to do an outstanding job to get the best out of others. We are all leaders! If you are a parent you are a leader to your child, if you have a spouse, partner or friend you will at times be a leader to them and of course if in your career or business you are responsible for a team you are a leader.
Leadership Adventure
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