Impactful Engaging Training to Drive Results

Consultancy Services

Today’s business environment is influenced by a vast array of financial, political, social and technological developments and pressures, with that comes change. People are at heart of any organisational change. Research suggests that as much as 70% of change efforts end in failure, because of a lack of focus and leadership.

We offer a customised consultancy service to guide strategic culture change projects within your organisation.

We can help you to: -
  • Develop a change management strategy
  • Review your organisational culture
  • Create culture surveys
  • Design and facilitate focus groups
  • Develop engagement strategies for your employees
Other tools and services include: -
  • Establishing a Talent Management System
  • Succession Planning Tools
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Executive Coaching

Diversity & Inclusion - The Workplace Variety Show

Individual differences allow innovation, creativity and growth. This workshop not only looks at the legal requirements but also the behaviours and attitudes needed to embed a diversity led culture.

  • Understand the legal framework of discrimination laws
  • Understand how diversity & inclusion assist motivation, productivity, customer service, recruitment & retention.
  • Examine attitudes & behaviours, which support inclusion, and create a inclusive culture.
  • Explore the challenges of managing a diverse workforce.
  • Identify the risks if failing to address issues in inequality through a unconscious bias.
  • Examines how to challenge inappropriate behavior, and competence to deal with allegations of discrimination



Give your conference a touch of dynamism and energy by having one of our inspirational keynote speakers address your audience. With over 15 years experience in motivational public speaking, our speakers really know how to engage and inspire an audience. We have addressed many large events internationally, delivering key messages with passion; conviction and a touch of panache. The art of storytelling and igniting enthusiasm within an audience are all skills that our professional speakers have honed through extensive experience in front of diverse range of audiences of all shapes and sizes.

We speak on a variety of different topics, such as: -
  • Finding your passion at work
  • Inspiring results in others
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Personal development and motivation
  • Goal setting for success
  • Life perspectives
  • Winning people over
  • And many many more....
We can also create a bespoke presentation or speech that addresses your specific objectives and our speakers will deliver an innovative slant on the key messages that you wish to convey.

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