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MY SNOWMAN WILL NEVER MELT ™– Leading & Managing Change

Workshop background

The business world is in a constant state of flux, organisations that are flexible and agile enough to adapt to or initiate strategic changes will always have a commercial advantage over those that remain stagnant and resist change. Change is inevitable, the snowman does eventually melt! However, a surprisingly high volume of change initiatives fail. This workshop examines the nuts and bolts of the change process as well exploring the crucial role of leadership during times of change.

Workshop objectives

The workshop explores some of the key change theories and their practical application. Participants will:-
  • Explore the dynamic relationship between change and leadership.
  • Investigate the key stages of any change initiative and understand the process.
  • Identify the cultural barriers to change within their own organisation.
  • Discover how individuals deal with change and develop the ability to engage others.
  • Develop the critical skills needed to gain buy-in and deal with resistance.
  • Understand what motivates people, drives passion and accelerates performance.
Although, we often hear the term ‘organisational change’ the fact of the matter remains that organisations don’t really change, people do. The collective thinking and behavioural patterns of people contribute significantly to the organisation’s culture. This practical and engaging workshop examines change from the perspective of the individual and the organisational culture. Contact us

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