Impactful Engaging Training to Drive Results

I HAVE A DREAM - Outstanding Presentations that Connect & Deliver Results

Workshop background

Being technically knowledgeable at your job isn’t enough today, strong people skills and the ability to connect with them is also essential. Leaders must be able to communicate and influence colleagues and clients to enhance relationships to achieve strategic business results. In addition, being able to deliver outstanding presentations, whether that is to present a proposal to internal stakeholders, or to make formal presentations to clients is an essential leadership skill.

Workshop objectives

Participants will:-
  • Explore the art and science of structuring and delivering outstanding presentations.
  • Develop an awareness of body language and ways to control nerves.
  • Understand their audience, connect with them and build rapport.
  • Achieve strong stage presence to create a more confident and engaging style.
  • Learn how to deliver key messages with maximum impact.
  • Learn ways to influence their target audience to achieve desired results.

The workshop is delivered in a very practical and creative manner which will increase participant’s confidence and conviction to deliver presentations with success. Contact us

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