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ESKIMOS ON THE BEACH™– Cultural Intelligence for Business across Cultures

Workshop background

Our world has come closer, the pace of technological advances, shifts in world economics and politics have had a tremendous impact and influence on how and where we do business. Today’s reality is that businesses and leaders operate on a global stage facing immense competition. However, often leaders are ill equipped with the skill and mind-set to successfully do business abroad or work with international teams. Misunderstanding and cultural barriers prevent the smooth transition of the lucrative contract being signed or project being completed. This fascinating and highly practical workshop is designed to give leaders the tools and readiness to do global business by increasing Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Workshop objectives

The skills needed for successfully working globally across cultures are explored in this insightful workshop. Participants will:-
  • Understand the impact of cultural awareness in the context of global business.
  • Develop essential skills needed to interact/work with people from diverse cultures.
  • Gain practical tools to reduce conflict and misunderstandings between cultures.
  • Enhance competitive advantage by leveraging cultural intelligence to ones favour.
  • Develop the ability to successfully work within the context of global teams.
  • Explore how different business cultures can learn from one another.
This workshop is intended for all that interact and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds and not only those who travel abroad for business. This workshop goes far beyond merely outlining a list of do’s and don’ts for specific counties, rather it aims at building a core foundation of cultural intelligence (CQ) competencies that would be indispensible to today’s leaders. Contact us

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