Impactful Engaging Training to Drive Results

Our Programme - Leadership Adventures TM

The Leadership Adventures programme has a systematic, practical and highly engaging approach to developing leadership potential within your organisation.

The Leadership Adventures programme examines 5 core competencies of Leadership through our inspired pioneering workshops.

We develop leaders that:-
Based on current research in the fields of leadership and psychology, we recognise that competitive advantage is sustained through leaders who demonstrate emotional intelligence (EQ) to engage employees, impact climate and create mindful organisations. The new generation of leaders need cultural intelligence (CQ) to be able to compete globally, grow laterally in emerging markets and successfully lead diverse teams.

Who is it for?


Organisations invest a great deal of time and money to secure the most intelligent graduates to develop into future leaders. Retaining talented individuals involves providing varied, challenging opportunities for career progression and self development. Research and experience has shown that these graduates do have spark and leadership potential, but without a structured approach to developing core leadership competencies, this spark can sometimes gets stifled and organisations struggle to develop and retain talent.

The programme is designed to give a rounded approach to business leadership. Through our experience and research we have identified key competencies for the leaders of tomorrow. The output of the programme will mean that a behavioural step change can be made, with these graduate catalysts, who will be inspired to take their career forwards, and develop into your organisations most outstanding leaders. We can tailor the programme to your needs and strategic objectives.

The Leadership Adventures programme will equip your graduates to be the best leaders in your organisation, ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Leaders / Managers

There are many definitions of leadership. However, John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States of America, summed up leadership well when he said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Sometimes in the pursuit of strategic objectives and bottom line results, organisations can neglect the all-important human side of leadership. Research studies continue to prove that low morale, absenteeism, disengaged employees and generally unhappy workers impact bottom line results and productivity. Whist engaged employees could generate up to 43% more revenue. A crucial factor that makes the difference between disengaged and engaged employees is leadership.

The Leadership Adventures programme is designed to create an environment of excellence that will drive results in your organisation.